Are you ready to join our family?

MUD offers great partnership opportunities that come in a variety of possibilities.
We are looking for motivated partners around the world to widen our family of make-up bonanza!

A variety of possibilities

MUD retailer

If you would like to add MUD to your product range inside your store,  we offer full set of display offers suitable for various shop layouts where you will be able to offer our product line in a professional way. 


MUD store

For a full MUD experience we have developed a standalone mono brand store & education centre that we call MUD Studio. It is an unique combination of professional make-up products sales merged with customer education about make-up. Caring for our customers means educating them how to perfectly apply the products for the best results.


MUD studio

A MUD studio is also a school with classroom for professional make-up artists offering several courses to get MUD professional certification.  By combining professional and regular education with best quality products a MUD partner achieves a perfect blend of marketing tools and fast lucrative returns on investment.

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