Your business in bridal make-up

With a focus on the lucrative world of weddings, the Bridal Makeup Artistry Course takes the student from consultation to the creation of a bride's perfect look. The Bridal Course starts with the idea that a successful wedding make-up application starts with a clear plan for the bride and her family. From there, students learn both business and additional make-up techniques required to be successful in the bridal business. This course consists of 6 sessions for a total of 21 clock hours. Bridal make-up is not only a great sector to work in, it also gives you a high rate of job security!

Expectations of the bride

Your goal in this bridal make-up training?  Learning to read the expectations of the bride. Discover different cultures and how to adapt the make-up according to the brides culture.  Learn how environment, theme and the venue of the wedding affects the make-up. And most importantly - how to make very bride a happy bride!

Getting to the customer

This bridal make-up training distinguishes itself from other courses, when you learn how to have a very precise consultation with your client.  In this demanding industry listening to your customer is one of the most important factors.  You learn to ask the right questions in order to find out what the needs of your customer are.

It's all about details

How much should you charge for a bridal make-up?  How do you advertise? How do you get inspired?  It's all in the details, because that will distinguish you from your fellow make-up artists. We go over the most important aspects that you need to consider if you want to have a bridal make-up business. After this training you can get started immediately - there is no lag time for jobs in bridal make-up!

Discover Make-up Designory

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Bridal Make-up Curriculum

Building your Bridal business



Different cultures

Face Charts

A look into our Bridal Class

Impressions of our Bridal course

For who and why

'Bridal Make-up’ course is for every make-up artist who needs more practical experience in conducting bridal day make-ups. 

For a beginner make-up artists this is an excellent opportunity to get informed about how to start up your first business.

For make-up artists with more experience, this course gives you new techniques, insights, and a lot of helpful tips to further develop your business.

Experience and Training

Do you already have a Level I certificate? Then you can follow this program without any other requirements.

Are you a professional or do you enjoy other basic make-up training? We invite you gladly for an intake interview and practical test at the school. Please contact us for more information.

Our quality

Make-Up Designory grew into the largest educational system that focuses exclusively on training for makeup artists. Over the years, we remain true to our educational standards, curriculum development and teacher training. So we created a standard form of makeup education that is followed worldwide. The same curriculum and the same high standards and MUD certified teachers can be found in MUD`s main campuses in New York and Los Angeles, and through the international network MUD studios.

MUD Job Board

Are you familiar with the MUD Job Board? This internship platform is exclusively build for MUD students. After the training you will have access to this platform. Handy, because you can participate in real world situations and events such as fashion shows, film shoots, photoshoots and private make-up on events. A powerful boost for your experience and self-confidence! 

Where and when

Bridal Make-up

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Make-up kit

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pay per month

139/month EUR(in 6 monthly payment) More info
Note: We ask an advance of 385,00 EUR
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