Combine your Make-up skills with Hairstyling

This course concentrates on the basic fundamentals of hairstyling, from simple blow-drying techniques to creating elaborate hairstyles. Students will learn to create modern styles, as well as edgy and creative hair designs, using hot tools and roller sets. This course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions, to encourage learning by practice. As part of this course, students are required to complete hair and make-up projects, which relate to on-the-job experience.

Complete the look by yourself 

Hairstyling is the sculpting of hair with classic techniques. We use hot rollersin a variety of ways to show students how to build a hairstyle and teach howto master the use of marcel irons. We do not just want the student to be ableto duplicate a look, we want them to understand how a look was createdand how to recreate it using techniques that will help that style to last underthe rigors of a demanding production schedule.


Discover Make-up Designory

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Essentials Of Hairstyling Highlights

Hair Lengths - Textures


Combing and Tangles

Blow Drying - Vent Brush

Blow Drying - Round Brush

Hot Roller Set


Short Hair

French Braiding

French Twist


Make-up and Hair Project

Written Test

Make-up and Hair Test

For who and why

Hairstyling anyone who wants to learn to be specific for makeup artists, can our education 'Makeup Artist Level III: Hairstyling Essentials follow. A training is required for non-MUD students. This training lasts 70 hours. MUD and thus makes the difference. This is the only program that focuses specifically on hair and make-up artistry. After this course you are ready for the next make-up challenge!

Experience and Training

Do you already have a Level I certificate? Then you can follow this program without any other requirements.

Are you a professional or do you enjoy other basic makeup training? We invite you gladly for an intake interview and practical test at the school. Please contact us for more information.

Our quality

Make-Up Designory grew into the largest educational system that focuses exclusively on training for makeup artists. Over the years, we remain true to our educational standards, curriculum development and teacher training. So we created a standard form of makeup education that is followed worldwide. The same curriculum and the same high standards and MUD certified teachers can be found in MUDs main campuses in New York and Los Angeles, and through the international network MUD studios.

MUD Job Board

Are you familiar with the MUD Job Board? This internship platform is exclusively build for students MUD. After your their training you have access to this platform. Handy, because you can participate in real world situations and events such as fashion shows, film shoots, photoshoots and private make-up on events. A powerful boost for your experience and self-confidence! 

Where and when

Essentials Of Hairstyling

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