Work as a make-up artist at photoshoots

In our specialized course 'High Fashion Make-up Trends', you will learn the techniques of professional make-up artists in the media world. You will have a hands-on approach where you will practice and simulate real photo shoots. During this training you will get to show your creativity and develop your attention to detail. 

Print unit: Attention to detail 

The print unit is the first part of this training and is designed to give you a better understanding of make-up in print and advertising.  Make-up during photography is seen as a snapshot. Art directors and beauty editors often use photo retouching and although it seems retouching is a solution for many things, it is your job as a make-up artist to keep that to a minimum. Therefore, your job is extremely important. You should always aim to obtain a perfect make-up, so there is little or nothing to change in the picture. 

Fashion unit: Creative make-up

Fashion unit is one of the most creative units, and allows you, as a make-up artist, to really be creative with your make-up designs. You will create visually stunning make-ups. These make-ups can be considered 100% corrective or natural day make-ups. However, the combination of eyeshadow, cheeks and lips allows you to be a lot more colorful and avant-garde. 


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High Fashion Make-up Highlights

Make-up for Photography

Make-up for Photography Application

Working in the studio

Simulated photoshoots

Photoshoots reviews

Fashion Make-up

Fashion Make-up Application

Eye Color Blending

A look into our High Fashion Class

Impressions of our High Fashion course

For who and why?

'High Fashion Make-up Trends', is for every make-up artist who wants more practical experience to work on photo shoots or fashion runways. For beginner make-up artists this is a good opportunity to experience the real thing so you can start your career with confidence. For working make-up artists with experience this training allows you to learn new techniques and insights, to expand your career. 


However, a basic cosmetology course (or equivalent experience) is a must to participate in this training.  Students without Level I certificate will have to pass an exam before enrolling.  Not sure if this make-up training is right for you?  Please contact us and make an appointment for a personal interview with one of our teachers.

Our quality

Make-Up Designory grew into the largest educational system that focuses exclusively on training for makeup artists. Over the years, we remain true to our educational standards, curriculum development and teacher training. So we created a standard form of makeup education that is followed worldwide. The same curriculum and the same high standards and MUD certified teachers can be found in MUDs main campuses in New York and Los Angeles, and through the international network MUD studios.

MUD Job Board

Are you familiar with the MUD Job Board? This internship platform is exclusively build for students MUD. After your their training you have access to this platform. Handy, because you can participate in real world situations and events such as fashion shows, film shoots, photoshoots and private make-up on events. A powerful boost for your experience and self-confidence! 

Where and when

High Fashion Make-up

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