2 & 3D techniques to simulate injuries and other effects

We start this course with out-of-the-kit effects that are the staple of professional make-up artists. We will help students learn their craft in this hands-on course that covers two and three-dimensional techniques to simulate injuries and other effects. Our team of professional make-up artists will walk students through the process of applying and coloring foam gelatin prosthetic appliances, silicone GFA’s, foam latex prosthetic appliances and Prosaide transfers.
This course consists of 20 sessions for a total 70 clock hours. 

Make-up Designory has led the way in FX training with our Special Make-up Effects courses at our main campuses. MUD has created a unique specialty course for students unable to get to one of our main campuses. This course is designed to be offered as a 35-hour class or as a 70-hour class depending on availability of one of our international FX artists.

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